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For additional information on Roots of Empathy please contact:

Roots of Empathy

250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1501

Toronto, ON
Canada, M3C 3G8
Tel: (416) 944-3001 Fax: (416) 944-9295
Toll-free: 866-766-8763

International Office – Toronto, Canada

General Inquiries,, 416-944-3001
Office of the President, Leah Starrett,, 416-204-7882
Media Inquiries, Cheryl Jackson,, 647-339-0766
Research, Lisa Bayrami,,  416-204-7885
Please see our Research Policy
Development – International, Brenda McCormack

Roots of Empathy, USA:

National contact, Amanda Roberts,, 416-204-7883


California, Amanda Roberts,,  416-204-7883

New Mexico, Amanda Roberts,, 416-204-7883

New York, Amanda Roberts,,  416-204-7883

Washington D.C., Amanda Roberts,,  416-204-7883

Washington State, Melissa Soltani,,  206-914-7929


Seeds of Empathy, USA

Washington State
Melissa Soltani,  206-914-7929


Roots of Empathy, USA is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.