Roots of Empathy in England


Launched in 2012-2013, Roots of Empathy has already reached almost 2,000 children in Lewisham, Croydon, and Newcastle.



What can Roots of Empathy teach the world? "For the whole world to be friends again!" Grade 8 Student

“The children have a better understanding of how their actions impact others. If we can instill this ethic in them while they are young, we will, in turn, have adults who are more empathetic and inclusive.”

- Grade 2 Teacher













Roots of Empathy Instructors
in-training in Croydon,
October 2012.
  • Roots of Empathy was featured in award-winning British director Alex Gabbay’s documentary Love, Hate and Everything In Between, which was launched at the May 2012 London International Documentary Festival to much acclaim. Mary Gordon appeared as part of a panel immediately following a special screening of the film at the Royal Society of Arts in London. Read more about it here.


  • Roots of Empathy was officially launched November 2012, at a reception in the House of Lords, hosted by Baronesses Walmsley and Benjamin.


  • Mary Gordon was a guest speaker at the Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference held in London.


  • Lewisham will be the first community in England to implement the Seeds of Empathy program.


  • Roots of Empathy programs in Newcastle are supported by Action for Children UK, and in Lewisham and Croydon by Pre-school Alliance Lewisham and Croydon Voluntary Action, with funding from Big Lottery Fund.



Find out more about how you can be involved in Roots of Empathy as a volunteer family or Instructor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To bring Roots of Empathy to your community, please review the Expansion document and these FAQs, and then contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.