Roots of Empathy in Scotland


Launched in 2010-2011, Roots of Empathy has already reached almost 10,800 Scottish children.


Scottish children around the green blanket with their
'Tiny Teacher.'
  “Roots of Empathy makes a real and positive difference to the children taking part. Making this program available to all councils is a major step forward and reflects our continued investment towards helping make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up.”

Aileen Campbell,
Minister for Children and Young People,
Scottish Government






  What can Roots of Empathy teach the world?
"Roots of Empathy can teach the world to love
and care for everyone."
  • Scotland is the first country worldwide to deliver Roots of Empathy in every council area, following £1.2 million Scottish Government funding.


  • North Lanarkshire Council’s Psychological Services conducted research on Roots of Empathy, revealing that the program significantly increased empathy and decreased aggression in Scottish students. You can read the full report here.


  • 83% of Scottish teachers with Roots of Empathy in their classrooms strongly agreed or agreed that as a result of the program, pupils are more inclusive or accepting of others who are different from themselves (including culture, race, special needs, gender, etc.).


  • Roots of Empathy is implemented in intentionally-selected Scottish schools in resource-poor areas, in schools with the highest level of children requiring additional academic support, and/or schools that report problems with bullying or aggressive behaviour.


  • Scotland was the first European region to introduce Seeds of Empathy.


  • Roots of Empathy programs are supported in Scotland by:

    Highland_Council   Inverclyde   Moray_CouncilNorth_AyrshireNLC_StarPerth_and_Kinross     

Scottish_Borders_CouncilWestern_Isles_CouncilWest_Dunbartonshire   dundeeCClogo         

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