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“We need to get better at ensuring that the children we raise are given the same intentional proactive gifts of social emotional health as they are getting through our intentional actions to grow cognitive skills.”

– Dr. Bruce D. Perry, Senior Fellow of the Child Trauma Academy (Houston, TX) and Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Feinberg School of Medicine (Chicago, IL)


Roots of Empathy values the lens of research as the organization continues to provide empathy-based programming to children on three continents. The Roots of Empathy Research Symposia offer engaging and thought-provoking research presentations from world-renowned international scientists.





Every year we publish the proceedings of our Research Symposia. They are comprehensive reports on each presentation.









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Presentations & Interviews



Research Symposium 2017


Dr. Dan Siegel

An Interpersonal Neurobiology Approach to Resilience and the Development of Empathy
(full presentation)


Dr. Michael Ungar

The Social Ecology of Resilience: Families, schools and communities
(full presentation)


Dr. Lise Eliot

Brain and Gender in Infant Social Development


Bart Weetjens

Training Rats to Save Human Lives



Research Symposium 2016


The Honourable Carolyn Bennett
MP, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs

Greetings (full presentation)


Dr. Ed Tronick

Multilevel psychobiological meaning making and empathy


Dr. Jean Clinton

The teenage brain under construction


Mark Brennan and Pat Dolan

Connecting activated social empathy in youth


Dr. Ian Lambie

A snapshot of what is happening with high risk young people in New Zealand


Dr. Phillip Herman

Culturally responsive research and development in the Pacific


Dr. Peter Donnelly

A public health approach to violence reduction




Research Symposium 2015

Dr. Bruce Perry

Born for love – Why empathy is essential and endangered  (full presentation)


Dr. Bruce Perry

Your brain reflects the world you grow up in


Dr. Bruce Perry

The change in relational milieu in the modern world


Dr. Bruce Perry

Neglecting our greatest biological gifts


Research Symposium 2014

Dr. Philip Zelazo

Implications for promoting empathy in children (full presentation)


Dr. Philip Zelazo

What is “executive function”?



Dr. Philip Zelazo

Why is executive function relevant to empathy?


Dr. Susanne Denham

Social emotional competencies & preschoolers’ early school success

Research Symposium 2012

Dr. Rob Santos

Effectiveness of school-based violence prevention for children and youth
(full presentation)


Dr. Allan Schore

Modern attachment theory (full presentation)


Dr. Allan Schore

Left brain, right brain


Dr. Allan Schore

The regulation of emotion


Dr. Allan Schore

The shifting of attachment theory